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Who Do We Think We Are | Rodin

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6”x9” | 306 Pages | Soft Cover | ISBN978-629-98584-0-9

We are seekers….We want to know the answers to the essence and intricate mechanisms of everything that concerns us and everything around us. What is it all about? How and why do things happen? We want to know the cause or causes. Is there an ultimate cause for who I am and who do we think we are? The subject matter encapsulated within the pages of this book has been expounded upon by a multitude of erudite authors and profound thinkers, who have traversed the realms of knowledge and contemplation. Drawing upon my perception, I have attempted to reconnect the scattered dots, unveiling my discernment of the world and the essence of humanity. The resultant canvas, adorned with enigmatic queries, beckons us to embark upon a journey of introspection and enlightenment.


  • Introduction
  • Story Tellers & Travelers
  • Crowd Psychology
  • Who Do We Think We Are -I
  • Belief, Opinions and Facts
  • Reality
  • The Enigma of Consciousness
  • Paradox of Knowledge
  • Where Do We Begin
  • Life
  • Share & Grow
  • Conclusion -Vol I 




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