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Malaya 2057: A Thousand Moons Have Passed | Martin Vengadesan

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134 pages, Paperback
January 1, 2021 by Silverfish Books Sdn Bhd
(ISBN10: 9789672438)

Malaya 2057: A Thousand Moons Have Passed By Martin Vengadesan Silverfish Books 134 pages In this science-fiction novella, Martin Vengadesan predicts a dystopian Malaysia where free thought and clean air are both things of the past. In the not too distant future, as are reeling in the wake of environmental devastation as a result of climate change and raging viruses that decimated livestock. An iron fisted dictatorial government by the name of the Preordained State has taken over control of what was once Malaysia. The Preordained State’s hallmarks are similar to the governments of dystopian science fiction: conformity of thought, lack of personal expression and undying loyalty to the state. And similar to many of the classic novels it cites, this isn’t a story about revolution or winning back our freedoms. No, this is about coming to terms with what brought us to this point in history – how failures compounded upon failures, until decline and collapse was inevitable. Malaya 2057 is not really a narrative novel, focused more on philosophical discussions, though there are two primary characters whose perspectives alternate from chapter to chapter.

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